Great Northern Distillery Mechanical Installation

The Mechanical installation of GND took 3 years to complete as its both a Grain whiskey Distillery and a Malt Whiskey Distillery.
Assan fabricated Stainless steel tanks on site for this project, including 2 Grain Silos which were built in position.

  • The project was installed area by area starting with the Grain columns, vessels, Heat exchangers, valve blocks, shell n tube coolers and pipework.
  • The Malt was then installed Steam pans in the Copper stills, Lyne arms, vessels, Heat exchangers, valve blocks, shell n tube coolers and pipework.
  • The boilers / boiler house refurbished, Wasbacks redesigned, Bunds & Drains modified.
  • The project was more difficult as it was not a greenfield site, we were working around existing vessels & structures.

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